Essington Parish Council.

 Full Council Meeting Monday 16th March 2020


Public Participation

1. Apologies

2. Declaration of interest of members

3. Crime Report

4. Approval of minutes of the last Meeting.

5. Matters arising from the last Meetings minutes

6. County Councillors Report

7. District Councillors Report

8.a) Correspondence.

   b) Co-option

9. Finance

a.) Summary of February payments to be passed.

b.) Bank Reconciliation-February

c.) Tearoom’s Income and Expenditure- February

d.) Ratify max redundancy payment amount.

e.) Terms & conditions for Tearoom Licensing

 f.) Costs for above

g.) Ratify- NLW increase of 6.2% to £8.72 per Hour.

h.) Ratify- LGA NJC National Salary Award.

I.) Ratify- Staff Pension, Nest Increase

J.) Ratify- Donation to Essington in Bloom


10. Admin/Clerk arrangements for 20/21- Proposal’s

11. Essington Show & Bloom updates.

12. Planning- Bovis Application

13. Brownshore Pre- School- Update

14. Community Centre-FRA-Update

15. Tearooms- Arrangements for interim period

16. Date of the Next Meeting.


17. Closure